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Easy Way to Cut Soft Cheese

Have you ever found yourself struggling with cutting soft ripe cheese? As soon as you start cutting, the cheese sticks to the knife. You can’t peel it of because it’s too soft, so the only way to remove it is to either eat it off the knife (not recommended!) or use a second knife to scrape it off the first one. You will run into the same problem with cheese cake and other soft foods. Here is a very simple solution to quickly and cleanly cut through the problem:

Unflavored dental floss is a great kitchen tool. It’s often better than a knife and cuts easily through soft cheese, rolled out dough, cakes, butter, and much more.

Place your cheese on a cutting board, hold the string of  dental floss with both hands and simply run it through the cheese all the way down until you hit the cutting board. It’s so simple and yet so effective.

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